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Why Locksmithing Services are Important for Home and Car Security

When it comes to the protection of your family and your property, you should not take chances when using security and lock systems. A locksmith in Singapore not only specializes in key duplication but in other services, such as car key replacements and repair, car lockout services, house lockout services, commercial property lockout services, key fob programming and replacement, lock installation or replacement, rekeying, and even the installation of keyless systems, intercom systems, access control, and video surveillance.

What can a locksmith do for your family or your business when it comes to protection and security?

Preventive Security

Securing your home from intruders is just one of the many benefits of the lock and security system, but for commercial properties, other more sophisticated security systems are needed to ensure the safety of the property and its occupants. Look for a reputable locksmith in Singapore who is skilled not just in locks and keys, but safes and other security systems both for residential and commercial or industrial properties. Locksmith Singapore can give you sensible advice about which security system is appropriate for the level of security needs. Buying the wrong locks or defective keys is more common than you think, that is why you should only approach a trusted locksmith who can provide you with the latest quality products and services. One option for those who have just moved into a new apartment in Singapore is rekeying, a stress-free method for tenants who cannot find the original keys or cannot afford to buy a new set of locks for their home.

Lockouts and Emergencies

Think of the locksmith Singapore as hiring an insurance company for your home or business, which are both at risk of break-ins, lockouts, and security emergencies. The locksmith can help you when you have lost your keys (even your master key) or you get locked out of your home or car. Attempted break-ins can also damage locks, which can be an invitation to further attempts in the future. A locksmith can help you find solutions for these problems and will also guide you in choosing new locks, the fitting and installation of the latest security devices and systems, and advise you on how to upgrade your existing security system. If you have lost your master keys, the locksmith in Singapore can help you create a new one or install a new lock on your doors and windows. Some locksmith Singapore also specialize in keys that are manufacturer-specific, such as car keys, which cannot be duplicated by traditional means.

Car Lockouts

Automotive locksmiths in Singapore have saved many lives during car lockouts. Unlike the locks used for homes, duplicating keys for cars and addressing car lockouts can be tricky, especially if you’re racing against time to save a child or a pet locked in the car. Some locksmiths can easily cut keys for the vehicles within a few minutes and even help with the transponder and program remote keys in case you are using a different lock. Replacement of the key fob for example, can be stressful because it’s difficult to find legitimate markets that sell good key fobs. A locksmith, however, can help you find a new key fob and even reprogram your car. Contact a 24/7 emergency locksmith in case you need urgent help, instead of asking strangers to help you open your vehicle, because you could end up with more problems later.

Installation and Troubleshooting of Security Systems

You can also hire a locksmith in Singapore to install a safe or a vault properly in your home or office. Proper installation is crucial when protecting your valuables, because it has to be placed strategically in areas that will limit the access to the safe. The locksmith can also help you repair and relocate your safe and vaults in case you need to move or if there are damages to the safe. Sophisticated electronic access systems are also a specialty of the locksmith, including installation of video surveillance, access control systems, intercom, and electronic lock systems. Businesses in Singapore can benefit from the services of a locksmith to upgrade their security, because the best locksmith services in the country combine traditional, electronic, and electrical security systems installation and troubleshooting.

When looking for a locksmith, look for a list of services and products or an estimate price of the work. A competent locksmith should also be able to answer any questions about the type of service you’re expecting.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*