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Unlock Biometric Door Access Service

  • j2editor
  • October 17, 2018

Door access control systems allows businesses not just to restrict access but also to monitor ingress and egress. Some of the most common types of door access systems nowadays include card readers, proximity access, electromagnetic locks, remote access, keypad access, and biometric door access.

Biometric access control is quite advantageous because it is not prone to the vulnerabilities other systems possess, as well as providing you with measurable features that are accurate and difficult to bypass. However, it Is prone to hacking and a few technical issues. What can be done to make it more secure?


Information Retrieval and Bypassing

Unauthorized personnel might be able to bypass access control using brute force which could damage the hardware but getting locked out might also mean that there is a malfunction in the physical component. If the system was intentionally bypassed, the sensor, feature extractor, and storage unit are the most targeted areas. For example, facial recognition biometrics can be bypassed using 3D models, while voice recognition software can be fooled with a pre-recorded audio. With these loopholes in the system, there is a need for a secure end-to-end authentication and verification process. If a biometric data has been compromised but there is a need to reissue it, an approach like password protection is used such as hashing or salting.

Information such as passwords and PINs cannot are no longer needed in a biometric system, that is why retrieval of the biometric information is not necessary to unlock a door. In some cases, the problem might lie in the physical malfunction of the door or lock itself which has failed to lock or failed to release or the electronic failure of a part of the system. A door that fails to lock may be because of the defects in the hinges, pivots, or frame. This can be corrected by LockMaster with proper installation. Failure to release could be caused by poor power supply and broken cables. This can be fixed with regular door security check and calibration of the biometric system.


Troubleshooting the Door Access Control System

Biometric authentication can be integrated with any existing software in your building for an added security. This can also make troubleshooting a lot easier. However, if you are worried about the security of limited-access areas in your building, LockMaster can provide a double-authentication system that combines both biometric and key card/password door access controls that are more difficult to bypass.

Moreover, the access control software should be robust enough to handle the maximum number of users in the company, especially if it is connected to the time and attendance monitoring, payroll, and other security systems. If the system has been bypassed before, additional measures such as encryptions, time stamps, and challenge-response interactions are recommended. These will make hacking and collecting biometric information nearly impossible in the future.