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Questions You Need to Ask a Locksmith When Duplicating Keys

When looking for a reputable locksmith in Singapore to duplicate your keys, you need to be aware of the important facts in the key duplication process and to determine what type of keys you want to duplicate. To help narrow down your search, ask the locksmith the following questions.

What are the key duplication services that you offer?

A complete key duplication services at the locksmith Singapore should include the following: master keys, restricted keys, smart keys, safe keys, automotive keys, office equipment keys, keycards and key fobs duplication, key numbering, and key stamping. The locksmith in Singapore might also give you a complete list of services other than key duplication, such as; automotive locksmith services, safe services, locks and deadbolts replacement and installation, video surveillance installation and repair, access control systems installation and troubleshooting, keyless or electronic lock systems, door closer installation and repair, and intercom systems installation and troubleshooting.

What type of keys can you duplicate?

Even if you only have one set of keys that need duplicating, it’s also important to ask for other types of key duplication services that the locksmith can provide in case you need to recommend an expert in the future. A reputable locksmith Singapore should support more than a hundred types of keys for home, office, industrial, automotive, and others. The locksmith should be well-versed in all types physical keys, electronic keys, and the different types of locks.

Will you protect any personal information I will share?

The locksmith is not permitted by law to share any information about his/her clients to anyone. They are also not supposed to store any information about you except for the password or PIN that you will need for your security systems. Look for a locksmith Singapore that will guarantee your privacy and protection, especially if you need to install new security and lock systems in your home or office.

How does key duplication work?

There are different types of key duplication machines that locksmiths in Singapore use, but traditional key-cutting machines work the same way as the first key machines ever made. There are four basic parts of the key-cutting machine that you will commonly find at the locksmith in Singapore; these are, motor, cutting wheel, vice, and guide. The motor is responsible for rotating the cutting wheel, while the vice holds the key blank and the original key. The original key is placed in the vice near the guide, then the blank key is placed near the cutting wheel. When the motor starts, the cutting wheel uses the guide to cut along the lines similar to that of the original key on the blank key. Finally, the duplicate key is buffed in a grinding machine or the key machine before it can be used.

Can I duplicate my key even if I don’t have it?

Yes, most professional locksmiths can still create a copy of the master key even if it is lost, or they can arrange for a replacement of the locks in case the first option does not work. They can also help you in case you get locked out of your home or vehicle (if you left your keys at home or in the car) and don’t have any spare keys. Call the nearest locksmith to inspect the locks in case of emergencies, so they can give you some options to solve the problem.

What do I do if I have a bad copy?

Look for a locksmith in Singapore that will guarantee a replacement or repair in case you get a bad copy or if the duplicate keys do not work with the locks at all. It’s quite a common problem, especially if the lock has just been installed recently. To determine if it is a bad copy, look for the following signs: the lines, grooves, and shoulders on the copy do not match those on the original keys; the key blank or the number of the keys do not match; the original key might be worn from use and cannot be copied accurately; or the duplicate is a copy of a copy. Some types of keys cannot be simply copied by the locksmith on blanks, because they need to be modeled exactly according to manufacturer’s instructions. This is common in car keys for extra protection and in some apartment keys that are passed from one tenant to another. Contact the locksmith right away in case you get a bad copy or if the key does not work.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*