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6 Locksmith Services Other Than Key Duplication

When looking for a locksmith in Singapore, you should check out the list of services available besides key duplication. The variety of services the locksmith Singapore offers will tell you a lot about the experience and expertise of the locksmith when it comes to locks and security equipment systems.

Look for the following locksmith services in Singapore.

  1. Automotive Locksmithing. Most locksmiths specialize in home security systems and different types of locks, but others are also well-versed in automotive locksmithing, which involves any of the following parts of the automotive locks and security system: automotive lockouts, lockout cylinders, impressioning, key blank identification, key replacement, ignition keys programming, ignition locks rekeying, complete car rekeying, car lock repairs, automotive remote replacement, foreign automotive locks, manufacturer-specific lock types, duplication of auto keys (such as chip, laser cut, flip out, transponder, and flip blade keys), and locks for motorcycles. Some locksmith Singapore also offer services to fix automotive door problems in case you get locked out of your car or you lose your car keys.

  2. Safe Locksmithing Services. You might be surprised to find that most locksmiths in Singapore also specialize in security safe services from the fitting and installation to repairs. When you need to install, repair or replace your safe at home or in the office, look for the following services at the locksmith shop: fitting and installation of different types of safes, such as floor, fireproof, key, and hidden wall safes or safety deposit boxes and key and gun cabinets; safe opening in case you lose your keys or you need a replacement for the safe keys; installation of safe locking systems, such as digital keypad, traditional key, or combination lock safe; removal of the safe; and safe repairs in case of damage.

  3. Locks and Deadbolts Services and Installation. Your locksmith in Singapore will remind you that the most important part of home security is getting the right deadbolt keys because it’s the first line of defense against intruders. Although locks and deadbolts are the same, the deadbolt is a specific type of lock with a steel bolt that is supposed to strike the plate of the doorjamb. The locksmith Singapore will advise you to install a double-cylinder deadbolt instead of the standard single-cylinder deadbolt for your apartment to provide extra protection against forced entry. In case you need to have your deadbolts repaired or replaced, locksmith services also offer the following types of locks: wireless locks, master key system, restricted key system, cabinet locks, commercial locks, industrial locks, desk locks, and more.

  4. Card Access and Access Control. When it comes to home and commercial property security, others do not want to take chances, so they look for more sophisticated security systems such as the access control physical security. One of its advantages is that it limits the access to the area because you will need an authorization or permission to enter. The locksmith in Singapore can provide you with options on how to maximize this security system, whether you choose the login credential or locks access control. For this type of security system, the locksmith will install fences or any physical barrier that will require individuals to physically access a control system to enter the area. There are three ways to enter authentic information to verify the identity of the individual, such as a card of key fob, fingerprinting or biometrics, and password or PIN. The information is fed through any of the following readers that can also be installed by the locksmith: intelligent readers, semi-intelligent readers connected to control panels, and basic readers for cards, PINs and biometrics.

  5. Electronic or Keyless Locks. Commercial and rental property owners should hire a locksmith to provide another type of sophisticated security system such as the keyless or electronic entry systems. These can be used alongside access control security systems and video surveillance systems. It is called a keyless entry system because instead of the traditional mechanical locks, an electronic lock controls the access to the area. An automotive version called the remote keyless system is also available for cars and residential areas to create a more convenient and safer security and access system. The locksmith in Singapore should offer the following services for electronic or keyless entry systems: installation, lock and keypad repair, wireless or Wi-Fi electronic locks, Bluetooth locks, lock programming, keyless entry, and keypad installation.

  6. Intercom Systems Servicing and Installation. For a complete security system in commercial and residential properties, some locksmiths also offer installation and repair of intercom systems. Intercom refers to an electrical device that will allow for a two-way or one-way communication among individuals within an area such as an office. Look for a locksmith services in Singapore that includes an audio intercom installation and repair, wireless video installation and repair, and audio and video installation and repair.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*