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  • j2editor
  • October 17, 2018

Car lockouts can be a life-threatening situation especially if a child or a pet is trapped inside. Fortunately, you can rely on Lock Master for a 24-hour automotive locksmithing wherever you are in the country. Whether you need car key replacement, duplication, and unlocking of a car, our round-the-clock services will assure you that we will get there on time and offer you a variety of professional solutions.


Car Lockout Emergency Procedure

The most common cause of a car lockout is not having spare copies of the car key. That is why when the only copy of the key is lost or stolen, it can be very difficult to try to open the car with brute force alone. When the locksmith arrives, the type of car and the urgency of the situation are considered first. Then, any of the six methods for unlocking a vehicle is used. The most common way to unlock modern keyless cars is through reprogramming, which will not damage the car. Only professional locksmiths have the license and the programs necessary for this. If that is not possible, the locksmith will try a key analyzer to decode the key and then use a mechanical code key cutter on the spot. If the car has an anti-theft device, the locksmith will re-flash the immobilizer.


Automotive Key Duplication and Replacement Service

What makes this even more complicated is that unlike the house door locks, car locks are more complicated to duplicate or replace, especially if you are using a new model. Traditional keys for older car models look like standard house door locks that can be duplicated within minutes, but the transponder, switchblade, and smart keys need different tools to duplicate. To duplicate a key, the locksmith needs the VIN on the engine or dashboard of the car. This determines the model, manufacturing year, and make of the car. Programmed cars that are not laser-etched can be replaced on the spot although this will take more time than duplicating a key for an old car. Locks that do not need programming can be reprogrammed instead, while more complex locks will need to be replaced by the dealer.


24 Hours Service from Car Locksmith Specialists

Rekeying car keys can be complicated, that is why it is only done by a licensed locksmith. Fortunately, Lock Master can help you with any type of car lockout emergency 24 hours. A professional locksmith is sent to the spot within a few minutes along with tools for key cutting and duplication regardless of the type of vehicle. If the owner broke the key to the lock, the broken parts are extracted and then duplicated on the spot. But if duplication is not an option, the locksmith will use the car lockout kit. The locksmith might use a slim jim if keys and lock picks will not work.