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Automotive 24/7 Locksmith

We know how frustrating it can be to have your car keys lost, misplaced or worse stolen. Here at Locksmith Company, we provide automobile locksmith services 24/7 with fast response time, wherever you may be.

Security Lock Installation

Security locks greatly decreases the chances of theft. We are able to provide on-the-spot security lock installation, regardless of the type and structure of your property.

Duplication of Locks and Keys

Whether it is for your home, car or office, we got you covered. Our professionals are certified and experienced when it comes to creating duplicates for any type of locks and keys.

Broken Key Extraction

Broken key inside a lock is a time-consuming incident to solve. But with our professional locksmith masters, you’ll be able to get that broken part of your key out of the lock in no time.

24/7 Emergency Unlock

Getting locked out of the house late at night is a more common incident than you think. Just give us a call and we will get you inside of your home sweet and sound.

Door Unlock, Repair or Replacement

Broken door? We can also fix that for you. We provide not only locks and keys duplication, but also repair and replace broken doors to ensure your property has the right door and lock to keep you safe and secured.

They respond very quickly. After I called them to have my car lock and key fixed, they arrived in around 15 minutes. I thought I can’t make it to my meeting, but just my luck. I was able to arrive just on time.

Steven Lim

Common Lock Problems and Replacement Solution by Expert Locksmith

Locks have been around for a long time, and as long as there’s something people want to protect, whether it’s their home or their business, locks will always be used to keep just about everything secure.

And when it comes to securing your property, a reliable lock system is a priority you should keep in mind, especially if you’ve just bought your first home.

But how exactly does a lock work?

What’s in a Lock?

Your lock is a complex mechanism made of many moving parts, and there are two types that are the most common: pin and tumbler, and combination.

  • Pin and tumbler The most common mechanism is the pin and tumbler, which is a locking system that uses several smaller locks, or pins, in order to secure a series of small cylinders.

    These pins are loaded using springs with different lengths. So if you have a key, it needs to have the correct arrangement of pointed teeth along its length in order move the pins up or down, which allows you to turn the cylinder and open the lock.

  • Combination lock Another common type of mechanism used is the combination lock, which only allows people who know the right combination to open the lock and access the contents.

    A typical combination lock would contain different wheel packs, which contain one wheel for each number or letter. On each of its sides, there is a small tab called a “wheel fly”, which makes contact with attached drive pins using a drive cam every time you turn the dial.

A typical combination lock would contain different wheel packs, which contain one wheel for each number or letter. On each of its sides, there is a small tab called a "wheel fly", which makes contact with attached drive pins using a drive cam every time you turn the dial.

What Type of Lock Do I Have at Home?

There are different kinds of locks you need to know about that are used in all kinds of homes and establishments in Singapore. These are some of the most common types of locks you will find, and most likely already using in your own home or establishment:

  • Padlocks Padlocks are the simplest pin and tumbler locking mechanism that you can get for cheap. However, they are easy to break with a little bit of force.

  • Knob locks This is the only type of lock used almost exclusively for doors, and is both a lock and a handle at the same time.

  • Deadbolts Deadbolt locks have a pin and tumbler mechanism installed in the door and can be unlocked by an external keyhole. While this is reliable in securing doors, it needs to be installed correctly by a professional.

  • Cam locks Cam locks are some of the most affordable locks and are perhaps the easiest to install, but are generally less secure than deadbolts.

How Your Car’s Locking System Works

Nearly all cars today use a type of electronic locking system called a “remote keyless system” in order to lock and unlock your car.

This term refers to a lock that uses an electrical system and a remote control instead of simply using a traditional key, and the remote control activates or deactivates the locking system from a distance.

The remote control sends a radio signal when you press the button. A computer circuit in your car receives this radio signal. After that, it sends an electrical signal that releases the mechanical locking system to unlock your car door, and allow your key to start the vehicle.

Common Problems with Your Locks at Home

Opening locks are a part of everyday life, but most people don’t really think of them until they stop working as they should, and this can be a huge security issue. To get you started, these are some of the most common problems you’ll experience with your locks at home:

  • Keys broken inside locks If keys are made of a soft metal like aluminum or tin, there’s a good chance they can actually break inside the lock when twisted hard enough. This is because if you’re not using the right key, or if the lock itself is faulty, it can act as a vise that holds the key in place. Instead of turning the key, you might end up breaking it off.

  • Broken or faulty doors/locks Poor quality locks and doorknobs are more prone to rusting and jamming, even with the right key. This can make it more difficult for the lock to open or close with a key, and it can result in a broken lock or a broken door knob.

  • Lock seizure Locks seize when you’re able to get the key in the lock but not be able to turn it or even remove it. This can happen for a lot of reasons, but what makes this a huge problem is that you might end up breaking the key while still inside the lock.

  • Missing keys A lost or stolen key can be a huge risk to your home’s security since the person who has it may be able to gain access to your home without your permission.

What to Do When You Get Locked Out

People make mistakes all the time, so even if you think you always carry your keys with you, you might find yourself without them when you’re in a hurry.

When you do get locked out of your home or car for any reason, you may be tempted to break yourself in or try to climb through the window to try to unlock door lock, but this can not only cause problems for you in the short term, but also in the long term.

One reason for this is because you might end only damaging your locks. This not only takes time and money to replace, but also makes your home or car more vulnerable to burglars and trespassers.

When it comes to back doors and open windows, you should also keep them closed as much as possible and not try to sneak through them since this can also allow any burglars to see that as a viable option, and a weak spot in your home security.

In fact, if this does happen to you, the best thing you can do is to either wait for a family member or friend who has a spare key, or call a professional locksmith to break you in for you without damaging your lock or lock system.

Does Your Lock Need a Replacement?

Another common issue with home security comes with changing locks. Aside from losing your keys, which can be a huge security issue, faulty locks can make your home vulnerable to burglaries and being intruded.

For instance, losing your keys can be really frustrating, which means you need to replace your locks with the new ones. Faulty locks can also be an issue that can compromise the security of your home or car if left unchecked later on.

The best way to keep your home secure is to regularly replace your locks and install new lock systems. Doing this makes sure that with the new locks, the person with the lost or stolen keys won’t be able to use them to get into your home.

But should you install your locks yourself?

Should You Install Your Locks Yourself?

Different types of locks offer different levels of security. While simple padlocks and cam locks don’t need that much knowledge and expertise to install, they also offer a limited amount of security.

Certain types of door locks that offer better security, such as doorknobs, can also be installed on your own as long as you follow the right instructions. However, these can also be prone to defects, and can be broken in or picked with the right amount of force.

The best types of locks offer high quality security and protection, but they tend to come with the downside of being difficult to install. This is where you need a quality service well worth the pricing of engaging a locksmith.

Call a Professional Locksmith Today

Whether it’s to break yourself into your own home or car, install a new high-grade lock, or even duplicate additional spare keys for your home, your best option is to call a professional repair man to do these things for you.

You may even need to call an expert in order to do something simple as repair a lock that you think still works, or fish a jammed key out of a keyhole. And because these problems can happen at any time, you want that expert to be on call 24 hours and ready to help you out at any time.

If you don’t know where to look for an emergency locksmith service like that, the good news is you’re already on a website that offers exactly these services, and more.

We at LockMaster aren’t just locksmiths offering professional services. We are among the leading locksmith companies hiring only licensed experts with the tools and knowledge for assessment, lock repair, and installation services for security systems.

We also offer 24 hour locksmith services and consultations that are affordably priced, whether it’s for residential, commercial, or even automotive security.

So what are you waiting for? Call us and get started on your security with LockMaster today!